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A Comprehensive Look at Tubi's Hilarious Campaign Featuring a Multilingual Voice Actor with a European English Accent

Tubi billboard on Time Square
Tubi is more popular than Times Square

Tubi's latest campaign "Tubi is More Popular than Popular Things" has been a joy to work on, and I'm excited to share my experiences voicing these clever and humorous spots.

The campaign includes four main video spots, a summary video for social media, and three radio spots, each with its own unique charm.

The spots have collectively garnered over 3 million views on YouTube, with a second unlisted version of the "Divorce" spot reaching an additional 1 million views. This video was public for about two weeks when Tubi decided to cut the words "every year" in a second version. You will see that I am sitting down while recording these spots. That's because I wanted my voice to be as relaxed as possible to achieve that nice monotonous sound you hear in the spots.

Voice actors often ask me if I have a preference: sitting down or standing up while recording. My position changes depending on the type of project. I will definitely stand when the spot requires energy. I will sit down when I need to be relaxed; this is perfect for when you want to sound conversational, for example.

Let’s dive into each spot!

Landing the Job

I got this incredible opportunity thanks to my agent at DDO in New York. The specs of the audition were very specific:

“Male, 40-60. European accented, not British. Soothing and mature. Voice should have a bit of character and remind us of the kind of voiceover you might hear in a high-end fragrance or luxury brand commercial.”

When I read these specs, I thought to myself, “This is tailor-made for me.”

I had been working towards this moment for years, signing with an agent, getting good at reads, and understanding scripts. Achieving this did not come without effort, and this job felt like a culmination of all that hard work.

Tubi billboard near the Brooklyn Bridge
Tubi is more popular than the Brooklyn Bridge

The Main Video Spots

"Divorce" Spot

The "Divorce" spot was the first one we recorded, and it set the tone for the entire campaign. The idea was to contrast my monotone voice with dynamic and intense visuals, creating a humorous effect. One of my favorite moments was emphasizing the words "stupid face," which added a unique touch to the spot. The audience loved it, and it was a great way to kick off the campaign.

"Babies" Spot

Next up was the "Babies" spot, featuring a Richard Clayderman-type man playing the piano surrounded by babies.

The line “Tubi is more popular than locking eyes with someone while you poop your pants” delivered in a serious and monotone manner added to the humor. Recording this spot along with "Old Faithful" and "Water Fountains" in one session was a fun experience, and my slight European English accent made the delivery even funnier.

"Water Fountains" Spot

The "Water Fountains" spot was a clever take on everyday experiences. The script played with humor in a fresh and engaging way. My unique voice actor accent added an extra layer of intrigue and humor, making the spot stand out. The line “Tubi is more popular than water that’s so cold it hurts your teeth” became memorable due to the contrasting delivery.

"Old Faithful" Spot

Recording the "Old Faithful" spot was a unique experience. With actors in awe of the famous geyser, the script humorously compared Tubi's popularity to this natural wonder. My European English accent added a distinctive touch to the voiceover, making it both funny and engaging. Having visited Old Faithful myself in 2016 during a winter trip to Yellowstone, where I drove a snow scooter through the park, gave me a personal connection to this spot.

The Summary Video

Tubi also created a fifth video to summarize the campaign, which was used on their social media platforms. This video tied all the spots, banners, and billboards together, highlighting the clever and humorous comparisons that made the campaign so memorable. It was gratifying to see how all the pieces came together to create a cohesive and entertaining narrative.

The Radio Spots

"French" Spot

The first radio spot humorously compared Tubi's popularity to various aspects of being French. Lines like “Tubi is more popular than considering iced coffee a total abomination” and “more popular than loving political revolutions” added a funny twist. My European English accent brought these lines to life, enhancing the humor.

Audio cover
Tubi Radio Spot - FrenchSerge De Marre

Tubi billboard in New York
Tubi is more popular than France

"Golden Retrievers" Spot

The second radio spot compared Tubi to golden retrievers, using lines like “Tubi is more popular than using meat flavored toothpaste” and “more popular than never figuring out what W-A-L-K spells.” This spot was especially fun to voice, as it played on the lovable quirks of golden retrievers. Pay attention to the rubbing "your belly just right" part.

Audio cover
Tubi Radio Spot - Golden RetrieverSerge De Marre

"Influencers" Spot

The third radio spot took aim at influencers, with lines like “Tubi is more popular than sponsored posts for digestive enzymes and high coverage foundation” and “more popular than making boomers explode with rage when you tell them how much you make on a single post.” Delivering these lines with a slight European English accent added to the humor and made the spot stand out.

Audio cover
Tubi Radio Spot - InfluencerSerge De Marre

Final Thoughts for this Multilingual Voice Actor with a European English Accent

Working on Tubi's campaign has been an incredible experience. Each spot, whether video or radio, allowed me to showcase my versatility as a multilingual voice actor with a European English accent. The creative scripts and clever comparisons made this project both challenging and fun.

The audience's positive reactions, with over 3 million views on YouTube have been rewarding. This experience has been a culmination of years of hard work, and I'm excited to take on the next projects!

Carl, the creative director, expressed his appreciation by saying, "We couldn't have done it without you." This sentiment truly encapsulates the collaborative and rewarding nature of this project.

New York Yellow Cab with Tubi ad
Tubi is more popular than Taxis


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