All you ever wanted to know about voice over recordings and voice talents.
- Your voice demos sounds great! But how do I know you're fit for my project?

I completely understand your question. It's not always easy to know if a certain voice will fit your specific commercial, e-learning, web video, explainer,... My demos sound great, but you every project is unique.


Is your project finished and you just need a voice over? Send me everything you have: video, music bed, script with indications,... The more info I have, the better I will understand what your project needs and what you're exactly looking for.

Has your project not been finished yet? No worries. I will record a custom demo for you and just let me know as soon as your ready to go. 

- Can I send your demos to my client?

Yes of course! My demos are downloadable and you're free to share them with your clients. I can record a custom demo too. Just shoot me a message and I will go and record in my professional home studio. 

- I sent you my script. When can I expect the recording? What is your turnaround time?

Very soon! Usually, you can expect it within a couple of hours or the same day. 

But... I don't like to underdeliver, that's why I tell my clients that my turnaround time is "within 24 hours". Because it all depends on the length of the project and on how busy I am with other projects for other clients.


I want to deliver a high quality and professional recording and I want to take my time for your recording, I don't want to rush, I want you to be satisfied.

- Help! I'm in a hurry and I need the recording now.

No worries. We will always find a solution. Contact me beforehand and I will make sure to reserve a slot in my schedule so I can record as soon as you send me the script and deliver your recording when you need it.

For quickies, the best way to contact me is Whatsapp, Text or iMessage. +1 202 674 9330

- How will you deliver the voice over recording?

Whatever format you want. If you don't tell my what you prefer, I will deliver a wav 48khz 32 bit.

The wav will be attached to the email I will send to you. Don't worry if your mailbox can't handle large files, the recording will be in the cloud. You click on the file and it will download immediately. (FYI, I use Apple Maildrop, which works also with non-Apple devices and computers).

- What exactly will be in the voice over recording?

For radio and tv commercials, short explainers and other videos up to 2 minutes, you will find several reads and takes. Usually there will be three different reads. Would you like to combine the first part of read one and the last part of read two? Ask your editor to combine the two reads or shoot me an email and I will do it for you at no extra cost.

For e-learnings and other longer scripts you receive one read.

- What will a voice over recording cost me?

The voice over rates depend on a couple of things. Usage: on what medium will the recording be used, for how long will it be used and in the number of markets (One country, several countries or even worldwide).

Length: how many seconds, minutes or hours is your script. If you'd like to know what the standard rates are, check out The Global Voice Academy Rate Guide here

Contact me with more details about your project and I send you a personalized quote.

- How can I pay you?

The recording has been delivered and you're satisfied. Now, you'd like to pay me for the excellent job and awesome service I provided to you 😉 In some cases I will ask you tho pay me partially or in full in advance. 

There are several options as I have different bank accounts in several countries. If you're in Europe you can transfer the payment to my Belgian bank account (euro).

For US customers, I accept check, credit card, Venmo, Apple Cash, Paypal, direct deposit,..

More options available if you're in the UK, Mexico,.... Check with me!

- Can you recommend me other voices? 

Yes, I have a full database. Contact me and I will get you in touch with the voice of your choice: any gender, any language.