Serge's Professional Home Studio

So you send your script to Serge. What happens next?

The recording is done Serge's professional home studio.  The studio is not located in Belgium, but in the United States where he's been living since 2011.

The gear? A Studiobricks booth with Neumann TLM 103 and Sennheiser MKH-416 microphones, Apollo Twin preamp, 2018 Macbook Pro and 2019 Mac Mini. Adobe Audition is my DAW.  Noise floor in my booth: Average RMS Amplitude -75db.

Let's have a look at Serge's homestudio!

Can I interest you in a Live Recording Session with Source Connect Now? It's very simple, you only need a computer with the Google Chrome web browser. 

I will send you a link which you open in Chrome and you are ready to listen in. The audio is broadcast quality! This means that you can record the session on your computer or in your studio while I'm reading. If you prefer, listening in with Skype or FaceTime is also possible. Watch below how such a live session goes.