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They really like Serge:

Looking for that finishing touch for your commercial, e-learning, corporate video,...? Add Serge's professional voice to your project and make it stand out. 

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*scroll through the playlist, there is more!

*scroll through the playlist, there is more!

Voice Demos

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These companies and brands trust Serge

Axe, Domino's Pizza, K'NEX, Red Cross, Heinz Ketchup, Audi, LG, James Bond (Movie Trailer), Unilever, Bosch, Mentos, Shell, Pringles, Lenovo, Fox Entertainment, Disney, Nickelodeon, Toshiba, Sony Entertainment, Prison Break Trailer, Madagascar Movie Trailer, Wolverine movie trailer, BASF, Exxon Mobil, ...

7 reasons to choose Serge 
  1. Experience

    Serge set his first steps as a voice talent in the year 2000. Without exaggerating, he's voiced thousands of projects and therefore he can handle just about any script. In addition, he continuously takes classes with several coaches such as Nancy Wolfson. If you don't know here, she's considered the best voice over coach in the world. Give Serge a script and he exactly knows what words to hit.


  2.  He listens to you

    Thanks to his experience and taking coaching classes, Serge knows what questions to ask so that he quickly understands what you are looking for. Even if you don't know what you're looking for or you can't put it into words. No script is too difficult for Serge.


  3. Unprecedented Service

    Hire Serge with peace of mind. He provides an unprecedented service in the voice over industry. Email your finished text and within 24 hours - in 95% of cases even within a few hours - you will receive a professional recording, voiced in Serge's home studio. In 99% of cases, customers are immediately satisfied with those first recordings, which is why he can offer the following service: unlimited retakes and revisions for tone of voice or pronunciation until you and your customer are satisfied. Text changes are considered a new recording. 


  4. Broadcast Quality Home Studio

    Your script will be recorded in Serge's professional home studio. No hiss, no hollow sound, no noise of the neighbor's mowing machine in the background. The recording you receive is of the highest quality, guaranteed. Just ask my customers Qmusic, Axe, Domino's Pizza, Red Cross,...


  5. Quick Return Time

    Serge is a full-time voice. That's why he can deliver quickly. Send him an email, sms, iMessage, Whatsapp or chat with Serge via the chat box on this website. You'll get a quick answer, your script will be recorded promptly and you'll find the recording in your mailbox before you know it.


  6. Remote Directed Session

    Thanks to his broadcast quality recording studio, you and the rest of the team can listen in and direct Serge during the recording (via Skype, for example) and even record in your own studio. Thanks to the high quality audio stream it sounds as if Serge is sitting next to you! (using SessionLink, Source Connect etc for example). The whole team can listen in from anywhere in the world. Time savings, environmentally friendly and cost-effective.


  7. Reliable

    You can rely on Serge's expertise. He's a man of his word and is always on time. This sounds very obvious, but it isn't for plenty of creatives. You can count on Serge, just as the world brands Youtube Music, Axe, Domino's Pizza, Mentos and Becel rely on him and trust him to be their voice.


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Serge works with the following agencies

Serge is represented in Europe by voice agency for Flemish and International English.

Book Serge through this American Agency in Hollywood in Flemish and American/International English.

Book Serge through this American Agency in Hollywood in Flemish and American/International English.

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Je zoekt een professionele Vlaamse voice-over? De Nederlanders noemen het ook wel eens: een Belgische stemacteur. Je bent dus opzoek naar een professionele stem voor jouw project. Of dat nu een nationale televisie of radiocommercial, commercial voor in de bioscoop, filmtrailer, animated webvideo, e-learning project, IVR systeem, of wat dan ook is. Serge De Marre is de best inzetbare voice-over voor jouw project. 

De meeste stemacteurs zijn goed in één type stem, maar Serge is echt een all-round voice over. Hij kan hard sell, soft sell, romantisch, diep, hoog, acteren, zakelijk, veel emotie, weinig emotie, dynamische inspreekstijl, neutraal,... 

Het enige wat Serge niet kan is een vrouwenstem. En kinderstem, daar heeft ie ook wat moeite mee. Maar verder is Serge een rasechte voice-over die gevraagd wordt voor uiteenlopende projecten. Zelfs als er gezongen moet worden, kan Serge dat. Zoek hierboven in de videovoorbeelden van zijn voice-over demo naar de Ik wil van mijn auto af-commercial. Hoor je de zang? Ook dat is Serge.

Contacteer vrijblijvend voor een offerte of voor meer informatie. Nog niet helemaal overtuigd dat Serge De Marre de beste stem is voor jouw project? Geef hem een belletje of Skype met hem. Wedden dat hij je kan overtuigen!