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Intriguing Inspiration for your International Conversation

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Modern Worldly Bilingual

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About Serge

Modern. Worldly. Bilingual. Serge De Marre is a voice actor who is fluent in both English and Flemish, and has more than 20 years of experience. His sound is contemporary and sleek with a global transcendence sure to captivate audiences from all over the world. Think conversational, fresh, upbeat, dependable, youthful–that’s the voice of Serge. 


Serge is an award-nominated VO star in Belgium and the Netherlands with his English and Flemish reads. He is quickly on the rise with his one-of-a-kind international accent. After living in Antwerp, Washington DC, Houston, Los Angeles, Dallas and Budapest, Serge also brings a deep cultural understanding to support his worldwide sound. 

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Pro Home Studio

Recording are done in Serge's professional home studio, a custom Studiobricks One VO Edition. The voice booth was optimized and tuned by the American audio engineer George Whittam (George The Tech).


The Sennheiser MKH 416 and Neumann TLM 103 microphones, the UA Apollo Twin preamp, Apple Mac Mini and Adobe Audition ensure superior broadcast quality recordings. Serge’s recordings are used all over the world in movie theaters, radio stations and television stations, online, at events and many other places.


Serge’s home studio has an average RMS amplitude noise floor of -72db.

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More than an experienced voice over

Intriguing inspiration for your conversation

Next to more than two decades of experience and his pro home studio, Serge De Marre is known for his service that is unmatched in the voice over business. He passionately works on every assignment - large or small - with 100% enthusiasm, strives for the best possible end result so your project will shine and will really stand out. Serge goes to great lengths to help his clients and is obsessed with taking every project to the next level. And all this within your set deadline.


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Happy clients

Reviews from satisfied clients

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As a project manager, it is incredibly reassuring to work with Serge because I know everything will turn out smoothly and with great quality. It’s always a pleasure.

Sabrina Galdeano

Project Coordinator

We regularly work with Serge. He works extremely fast without compromising quality—an absolute must for those looking for a voice artist with an enthusiastic tone of voice.

Sam Conings

Video producer

Fast delivery, professional, lovely personality, and it's so easy to work with Serge!

Annouck Welhuis

Visual Story Teller

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