What are your fees?

What can you expect?

Recordings are done in my professional Studiobricks home studio. The audio will be broadcast quality. What to expect:

✅ Super fast turnaround (I am a full time voice talent, ready to go any minute of the day)

✅ flexible

✅ wav in 48khz, 32 bit. Unless you prefer a different format

✅ excellent audio quality: no noise, no cracks, no hums, no breaths…

✅ an answer to your technical questions

✅remote connections for live direction available such as Skype, Source Connect, Session Link Pro, ...

✅Unlimited revisions for tone of voice and pronunciation up to 30 days after delivery of recording. Changes in the script after recording are subject to a fee.

My rate depends on several things:

- length of the script

- usage. Will the project be used internally, at a conference, as a commercial?

- brand and/or product. A commercial for a small business in a small town in Belgium will be cheaper than a commercial for Coca-cola that will be broadcast worldwide.

- language you'd like me to record in. English or Flemish? Reach (small town vs USA, Europe, Worldwide,...) in English is usually bigger than when your project is in Flemish.

Every project is different, that's why I'd love to give you a custom quote when you give me more details.

The quickest way to get a quote? Shoot me an email. No project is new to me, I've done all of them several times in the past 20 years. serge@sergedemarre.com

Please mention the following information:

- will your project be in English or Flemish? 

- Type of project. Will it be audio only or video?

- usage: will your project be advertised? If yes, where? Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads, television,... Which countries and regions?

- how long is your script in minutes and/or words?

- would you like to listen in and/or direct?

- please attach the script. It does not have to be the definitive script.

A couple of examples