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Professional Voice Actor for Commercials

Hi, I'm Serge, a voice-over artist who can help you create amazing commercials for your product, service, brand or offer. I have a Global English accent that is clear, engaging and easy to understand by audiences around the world.


Why do you need a voice-over artist for your commercials?


Commercials are one of the most effective ways to reach and persuade your potential customers. They are short and catchy videos that showcase the benefits and features of what you're offering. But without a good voice-over, your commercial might not get the attention and interest of your viewers.


That's why you need a voice-over artist who can:


- Deliver your script in a professional, confident and persuasive tone that matches your brand and style.

- Add personality and charm to your visuals by providing a human element that connects with the viewer.

- Use vocal techniques such as pitch, pace, tone and volume to create interest and excitement.


What can I offer you as a voice-over artist for your commercials?


I'm a professional voice actor who specializes in commercials. I have experience in various industries and niches, such as fashion, travel, food, sports and more. I can also adapt my voice to different types of commercials, such as informative, humorous, inspirational or motivational.


You can listen to some of my samples and see for yourself how I can make your commercial stand out from the crowd.


If you like what you hear and want to work with me, please contact me today and let's get started on your project.


I offer high-quality voice-over services at market rates. I also offer fast turnaround time and unlimited revisions until you're satisfied.


Don't wait any longer. Contact me now and get a free quote!


Serge De Marre - Professional Voice Actor for Commercials


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