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A day in my life as a voice actor

As a voice-over artist, my day typically begins at 6 in the morning. I start my day by checking my emails, as I like to stay on top of any urgent jobs that may have come in overnight. I then make myself a cup of coffee to help wake me up and begin replying to any emails that require a response.

a man standing in his recording studio
Serge De Marre in his custom Studiobricks voice-over booth

Once I've taken care of the more urgent jobs, I take my dog Tazz out for a walk. We typically spend between 30 to 50 minutes getting some fresh air and exercise. After our walk, I have breakfast and another cup of coffee before checking my emails again.

After taking care of any remaining urgent jobs, I begin recording the non-urgent jobs for the day. This could include voice-over work for commercials, corporate videos, eLearning, or even animation.

I also take the time to record auditions for potential future projects.

Once I've finished recording for the day, I work on various administrative tasks. This could include updating my website, sending out reels to potential clients, or even writing a blog post like this one. I also spend some time preparing posts for my social media accounts to promote my work and connect with my fans.

If I have a live directed recording session scheduled, I make sure to set aside plenty of time for that as well. These sessions can be a great opportunity to work with a team of other professionals and bring a project to life.

Overall, my day as a voice-over artist is a mix of recording sessions, administrative tasks, and connecting with my fans and clients. While it can be a lot of work, it's also incredibly rewarding to be able to bring characters and stories to life through my voice. And, of course, getting to work with my dog Tazz by my side makes it all the more enjoyable.


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