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Global English Voice Over Artist Voicing the "Babies" Spot for Tubi

Concept and Initial Reaction

When I first learned about the concept for the "Babies" spot, I was intrigued by the quirky and humorous angle Tubi was taking. The idea of having a Richard Clayderman type playing the piano surrounded by babies, paired with the line “Tubi is more popular than locking eyes with someone while you poop your pants,” was both unique and hilarious. I knew this was going to be a fun project.

The Recording Session

The recording session for the "Babies" spot was different from the first session in many ways. By this time, I had a clear understanding of what the creative team was looking for. We recorded the "Babies," "Old Faithful," and "Water Fountain" spots in the same amount of time as the "Divorce" spot. Having already worked with the team, I felt more confident and prepared to deliver exactly what they wanted.

During the recording session of "Babies" in my home studio.

Delivering the Line

One of the standout aspects of the "Babies" spot is the line, “Tubi is more popular than locking eyes with someone while you poop your pants.” To deliver this line effectively, I approached it with a serious and monotone demeanor, which contrasted perfectly with the absurdity of the statement. This contrast added to the humor and made the line memorable.

Session Details

The recording session was done over Source Connect with Wave Studios in New York. This remote setup allowed us to collaborate seamlessly despite the distance. The team at Wave Studios was incredibly professional, and our previous experience working together made the process smooth and efficient.

The Spot's Quirky Nature

The "Babies" spot is a bit crazy and over the top, which is precisely what makes it so entertaining. The combination of classical piano, adorable babies, and a hilarious line creates a memorable and amusing advertisement that stands out from typical streaming service commercials.

Audience Reaction

The reaction to the "Babies" spot has been fantastic. Its quirky and humorous nature has resonated with audiences, making it one of the standout pieces in the Tubi campaign. The over-the-top concept paired with my monotone delivery of the humorous lines has garnered a lot of attention and positive feedback.

Personal Reflection

Working on the "Babies" spot, along with the other Tubi advertisements, has been a significant milestone in my career as a Global English Voice Artist. This experience has not only boosted my confidence but also reinforced the importance of understanding and aligning with the creative vision of the team. It's been a fun and rewarding journey, and I'm excited for what the future holds.

Voice Artist Voicing Multiple Spots in Global English

In addition to the "Babies" spot, I also voiced the videos for "Old Faithful", "Divorce" and "Water Fountains." Each spot had its unique charm and required a slightly different approach to capture the right tone and feel. It was a diverse and exciting range of content that allowed me to showcase my versatility as a voice actor.


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