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Nominated for a One Voice Award: corporate video "Best Male International Voice Over"

Earlier this year I found out I was nominated for Best Male International Voiceover at the One Voice Awards for the voiceover I recorded for this corporate video. I'm a Flemish voice talent and I also speak English. So, my voice is perfect for all those international corporations who don't want to sound too American or too British. If you're looking for a dash European flair, you've got to book Serge De Marre with his global accent.

In August I flew to Dallas, Texas - where I actually lived for two years - from Budapest, Hungary where I'm currently located. In the end I did not win the award, but boy I had fun at the One Voice Conference in Dallas.

(You see me here, with J. Michael Collins - by myself - at the dinner table.)

I am so proud that I can now call myself an award nominated voice artist. This is also a huge nudge towards creatives. The message is: corporate videos don't have to be boring. Try to be funny and creative even if there's not much to say about your product or service.

Look at what the people at Niverplast did in this witty video. This definitely is one of my favorite corporate videos in English that I voiced in the recent weeks.

Oh, I just love voicing these kinds of projects 🥳

Let me know if you're looking for a voice over who speaks English with accent for your corporate video, explainer or commercial. Shoot me a message at

(My name announced by the voice of Randy Thomas.)


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