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English voice over with global accent for Fenix commercial

Fenix is an Italian brand. And Fenix also has a cycling team. The company was looking for a voice for their online video. Of course, as an Italian company, you're not really interested in a voice talent that speaks English with an American or British accent.

You'd like to keep that authenticity. You want to add a little something to your commercial so that viewers will immediately understand that you're a European company. Enter the voice talent that speaks English with a European accent. It is English that anyone understands anywhere in the world. No matter the language they speak, as long as the viewer understands English, the viewer will understand what's being said in this commercial.

Check it out for yourself! If you're looking for a male voice talent that speaks English with a global accent, you're on the right website. Go to my homepage to check out more demos.

You can expect a quick turnaround (I am a full-time voice talent), broadcast-quality audio recorded in Serge's professional home studio with Studiobricks voice booth and remote connections over Source Connect, Session Link, Skype, .... is available. Serge is flexible, affordable, and will answer all your questions. Even the technical ones.




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