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Stand Out with a Professional Voice Actor with a European Accent: Voicing Tubi's "Old Faithful" Spot

Initial Concept

When I first received the script for the "Old Faithful" spot, I was happy to see a familiar reference. Old Faithful is a famous geyser located in Yellowstone National Park, known for its predictability in erupting approximately every 90 minutes. It's a natural wonder that attracts millions of visitors each year, making it an interesting and humorous comparison for Tubi’s popularity.

I've been to Yellowstone back in 2016 and I saw Old Faithful with my own eyes. It was winter and I drove a snow scooter in the park.

Man in front of Old Faithful
Serge in front of Old Faithful - Yellowstone

The Script

Here's a look at the script for the "Old Faithful" spot:

With over 75 million monthly Tubi viewers, more people watch Tubi than visit Old Faithful every year. Which means Tubi is more popular than spewing boiling hot water all over the place. More popular than being called old! even though you’re geologically young. More popular than selling novelty gifts despite the fact that you’re “just a hole that sprays water.” Tubi. It’s more popular than Old Faithful.

The Recording Session

The recording session for the "Old Faithful" spot was unique and enjoyable. The spot is very funny, with actors in awe of the geyser, which added a layer of humor to the voiceover. We recorded this spot along with "Babies" and "Water Fountains" in the same session via Source Connect, which allowed us to collaborate remotely.

Using My Professional Voice Actor Skills and European Accent

Just like in the other Tubi spots, my slight European accent added an extra layer of humor and uniqueness to the voiceover. My accent made the delivery of the script funnier and helped the commercial stand out. This is a great example of how a professional voice actor with a European accent can add a distinctive touch to a project.

Creative Direction

The creative direction for this spot was straightforward. By the time we recorded "Old Faithful," I was familiar with the tone and style the client wanted. As the director said, "you know the drill," which made the process smooth and efficient.

Audience Reaction

The audience's reaction to the "Old Faithful" spot has been great. The humor and unique comparison to a well-known natural landmark have resonated well, making it a memorable piece of the Tubi campaign. The feedback has been positive, with many people finding the spot particularly funny.

Personal Reflection

Working on the "Old Faithful" spot, along with the other Tubi advertisements, has been a significant milestone in my career. These sessions, conducted over Source Connect, were efficient and collaborative. The opportunity to work with a talented team and bring humor to these ads has been incredibly rewarding. It has reinforced the importance of understanding and aligning with the creative vision, while also highlighting how a professional voice actor with a European accent can truly stand out.

Voicing Multiple Spots

In addition to the "Old Faithful" spot, I also voiced the videos for "Divorce," "Water Fountains," and "Babies." Each spot had its unique charm and required a slightly different approach to capture the right tone and feel. It was a diverse and exciting range of content that allowed me to showcase my versatility as a voice actor.


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