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Stand Out with a Unique Voice Actor Accent: Voicing Tubi's "Water Fountains" Spot

Initial Concept

When I first received the script for the "Water Fountains" spot, I was immediately struck by how clever it was. The script played with humor and everyday experiences in a fresh and engaging way.

The Script

Here's a look at the script for the "Water Fountains" spot:

There are over 75 million monthly Tubi viewers. That’s more people than there are wall-mounted… dual actuating… drinking fountains. Which means Tubi is more popular than water that’s so cold it hurts your teeth. More popular than unnecessarily high water pressure. More popular than health code violations. Tubi! It’s more popular than wall-mounted, dual actuating drinking fountains!

Creative Direction

This was the third spot we recorded for Tubi. By this point, I had a solid understanding of what the client was looking for. The creative direction was clear: maintain a slightly monotone delivery that contrasts humorously with the absurdity of the statements.

The Recording Session

We recorded the "Water Fountains," "Babies," and "Old Faithful" spots in one session. The "Divorce" spot had been recorded a few days earlier in a separate session. Working on multiple spots in one session was fun and rewarding, as it allowed us to maintain a consistent tone across the campaign.

Stand out with a Unique Voice Actor Accent

One of the standout aspects of my work on this campaign was how my unique voice actor accent added an extra layer of intrigue and humor to the spots. My accent made the voiceover sound slightly different from the other commercial break spots, making it interesting and funny. This distinctive sound helped the commercials stand out from others, making them memorable for the audience. That's how you stand out with a unique voice actor accent.

Overcoming Challenges

While recording this spot, the main challenge was ensuring that the humor and cleverness of the script came through in a natural and engaging way. By leveraging my unique accent and maintaining a balance between seriousness and humor, I delivered a performance that met the client's expectations.

"Thanks so much to YOU! We're so happy with the results."

Favorite Elements

My favorite part about working on the "Water Fountains" spot was how the script took something as mundane as drinking fountains and turned it into a humorous comparison for Tubi's popularity. It was a joy to bring this clever concept to life with my voice.

Audience Reaction

The audience's reaction to the "Water Fountains" spot has been overwhelmingly positive. The quirky humor and unique delivery have resonated with viewers, making it one of the standout pieces in the Tubi campaign.

Personal Growth

Working on the "Water Fountains" spot, along with the other Tubi advertisements, was a fun experience. It's been a great and rewarding journey, and I'm excited for what the future holds.

Voicing Multiple Spots

In addition to the "Water Fountains" spot, I also voiced the videos for "Old Faithful," "Divorce," and "Babies." Each spot had its unique charm and required a slightly different approach to capture the right tone and feel. It was a diverse and exciting range of content that allowed me to showcase my versatility as a voice actor.


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